The BUBBA II is a piece of art, a kind of dynamic sculpture.  Each time it is activated the BUBBA II produces an abstract formation in the medium of soap bubbles.  The construction of this form begins within seconds of activation and continues to evolve for hours.  The formation of new bubbles and their migration through the foam is an ongoing and captivating ballet.  Other dynamics, such as the reaction to popping bubbles, also catch the eye and delight the mind.  The thin bubble walls dance with iridescent color.  Swirling patterns of color can be seen catching the light from the foam interior as well as on the surface.
    Fully formed it rises approximately one foot above the base.  The base itself is fourteen inches in diameter and extends six inches off the resting surface.  Never the same, the BUBBA II is an aesthetic article in a state of constant flux.  Furthermore, the BUBBA II offers an alternate physical geometry, as well as a pair of adjustable valves.  Exchanging geometries and manipulating the valves permits a wide variety of abstract formations which can be produced.  Designed for the coffee or end table it is suitable to almost any venue where AC power is available.