Congratulations on your purchase of the BUBBA II. Now you have a little Bubba to call your own. Please take the time to read and follow all the sage words of wisdom contained herein. Given the proper care and attention, your new baby Bubba will grow mightily within your soul, providing you with an unrivaled sense of pride, satisfaction, and spiritual oneness with all of creation.


The following is a list of components to your BUBBA II

  1. Air-Stone
  2. Reservoir Assembly
  3. Collector Tray
  4. Outer 1" Bubble Tube
  5. Short Inner 5/8" Foam Tube
  6. Tall Inner 5/8" Foam Tube
  7. Air Pump
  8. Air-Line Tubing
  9. Bubble Solution

The BUBBA II comes with two inner tubes. Only one inner tube may be used at a time. The inner tube governs the nature of bubble formation. Therefore you must first choose your form of inner peace by selecting an inner piece.

  1. Insert air-stone into receptacle in the bottom of the reservoir assembly.
  2. Slowly pour bubble solution into the reservoir, until it is level with the top of the Fill Line.
  3. Snap collector tray onto top of reservoir assembly
  4. Carefully insert the selected inner tube into the 1" outer tube. Take care not to rip off the centering spacers glued to inner tube. This requires a little effort.
  5. Mount the bubble tubes by inserting them through the hole in the collector tray and fully seating them on the air-stone assembly at the bottom of the reservoir. For the tubes to be correctly mounted the following must be true.
  6. Connect the air-line tubing between the air pump and the gang-valve mounted on the reservoir assembly.

Once assembled, the BUBBA II need only be plugged in. Here however, are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. The BUBBA II requires MAXIMUM illumination.
  2. The BUBBA II is shipped with the valves preset. Do not adjust the valves for the first few viewings.
  3. The Bubble formation evolves over the coarse of hours. The BUBBA II should be left running for several hours.
  4. Soap bubbles are not among the solidest of materials. Relatively still air is required to keep the bubble formation from blowing over.

Think of your Bubba to be played more like an instrument than a recording. Your Bubba was shipped configured to produce the most reliable and interesting results. However, by embracing vigilant experimentation, even more spectacular results can easily be achieved.

  1. The parts of the BUBBA II are held together with glue. Unfortunately, the glue does not bond infinitely strong.
  2. The level of solution in the reservoir affects the size and duration of bubbles. After several hours of operation, the solution level in the reservoir will fall too low (approx. 1/8" below fill line). Fresh water may be added to bring level back to fill line.
  3. In time the strength of the solution will become too weak and new solution will need to be mixed. You are encouraged to identify your own catalog of solutions. Here is the recipe for the mix that was shipped with your Bubba:



    2 Tsp. Miracle Bubbles
    ½ tsp. Dawn dishwashing liquid
    2 Cups Water
    1 Bead bath oilm (optional)

  5. Replacing the mix is an opportunity to clean the thick, gooey, soap build-up off your Bubba. Just rinse with cool water Ė CLEAN UP IS A BREAZE! J
  6. After viewing the default settings with both inner tubes, you will undoubtedly experience a surge of inspiration and confidence, manifesting in the irresistible desire to exert your control over the universe by adjusting the valves. Here are some tips.

Freshen your environment, or even transport yourself to a place of inner tranquility. It is easy to feast on delicious olfactory sensations using your BUBBA. Simply include a bead of your favorite bath oil in your bubble solution mix.  There are a wide variety of exhilaratingly scented products to choose from.  You are encouraged to experiment with ingredients and concentrations in your solution mix, in order to achieve your ideal aesthetic balance between form and fragrance.


Know that there is no wrong formation of bubbles, but know further that there are superior ones. The below counsel is included for the sake of aiding in the restoration of the default settings, should your Bubba suffer from a critical ailment.

  1. The foam should rise to the top of the tube about 5-min. after start up. If the Bubba has been in operation for over 15-min. and there is no foam rising in the inner tube, then there is insufficient air going through the air-stone.
  2. The outer bubbles should take about 10-sec. to rise to the top of the tube. If this time is off by a factor of two or more, then valve adjustment is necessary.
  3. If the bubble formation is sparse and has ceased its growth, this may be due to several factors.
  4. Extensive research remains to be conducted into the art of solution mixing. Please experiment with different soaps, hair care products, etc. Here are my preliminary results.

In addition to maximizing illumination as mentioned above, here are some suggestions designed to facilitate your spiritual enlightenment.

  1. The closer you are the more you will be able to see. Try staring hypnotically at the top of the outer tube where the bubbles are coming out.
  2. Behold the structure of sides, edges and vertices formed within the bubble formation
  3. Behold the migration of bubbles from the interior to the surface.
  4. When adequately illuminated, your Bubba will produce assorted examples of iridescence. In fact, all the color you see is a result of this thin film phenomenon. Really cool patterns of swirling color can be seen in the reflections of light sources on the surface of large, newly formed bubbles.
  5. Several minutes after unplugging your Bubba, the bubble formation will collapse in a most delightful manner. This happens rather quickly and you must wait for it.
The Philosophy of the Bubble

The purpose of the bubble is to separate the inside from the outside.


(The Artist Formally known as Warren)