Are you a cognitively gifted individual?
Do you posses a profound intellect and brilliant imagination?

    That's what makes you especially qualified to appreciate the awe inspiring qualities of the BUBBA II.  With you own personal BUBBA II you will be able to nurture your brain on a diet of both tranquility and stimulation.  With your expanded sense of inner peace, and heightened insight, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one.

The price I'm asking for the BUBBA II is $100
That includes shipping!
(U.S. orders only)

    The desktop BUBBA sized just right at under 9" around and 12" tall.  The perfect gift for any occasion.  Get one for everyone on your list.
Simply email me at and I'll reply with the particulars
Please order your BUBBA today!  If you wait until after I starve to death the price is sure to go up.

COMING SOON?  Below are some products that don't yet exist.  Let me know if you would be interested in any of the following and I'll create it.

$60 BUBBA II Kit
    Handy with your hands?  Build your own BUBBA II at a fraction of the cost.  Comes with parts, drawings and instructions.  You supply the tools.

$5 BUBBA II Instructions
    Do it all yourself.  Comes with a parts list and illustrated assembly instructions.  Have it emailed for fast delivery

$20  Bubble solution mix

    Get several kinds of bubbles specifically blended for different size, action, and aroma.  Just add water.