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    Call me Ace (the artist formally known as Warren).  You have landed in my world, you lucky nipper.  Only those in possession of brave heart and noble soul are encouraged to proceed.  What lies before you is not for the timid.  It may test the very essence of your being.  For here I have endeavored to lay bare the essence of my being.  Or at least bits of it.  Mostly the bits I'm very proud of ... well, the ones I'm not ashamed of ... OK, they're the bits I can't get arrested for.  At least I hope I can't.
    The first bit I'd like to introduce you to, the one I'm asking money for, is my tangible art.  A work in the medium of soap bubbles (A much neglected and fertile form).  My first commercial piece, the BUBBA II, is a prologue to the genus.  The basic elements of aesthetics and analysis are manifest.  Similar to the Lava Lamp in function, the BUBBA II surpasses the lamp by orders of magnitude in terms of visual complexity.
   Forays into several other avenues of myself are also in residence. My performing art, the ancient art of juggling, of which I have been a practitioner for two decades is represented.  Further, I have presented, along with a little personal history, such musings upon the greater quandaries of mankind, (including but not limited to: philosophy, politics, religion, and the character of the lint collecting in my navel) as I may have been inspired to elucidate.  The aggregate of these facets should assemble into a convoluted yet consistent whole.
    What I am attempting to forge, is a shrine to the human spirit.  I challenge myself and all those who will follow me to  achieve greatness.  To strengthen the mind by assimilating the rational.  To transcend existence by endowing it with meaning.  Ever striving towards both the Yin and the Yang.  So fasten your seat belt you old spoon bender.  Secure all carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments.  Return all trays and seat-backs to their full upright and locked positions. And prepare yourself for an intellectual and spiritual stimulation package designed to shake the foundations of human enterprise.
Ahead lies the awesome and the sublime, wonders and terrors that could give a coronary to a Buddhist monk on opium.  I'm setting my helm on a course straight through the heart of the total perspective vortex, and when I get back, you can rest assured that stuffed into one corner of my overnight bag, steeping in the former contents of a broken bottle of cheep cologne, will be an extra large, 100% cotton T shirt that reads "My personal guru of human existence grokked the universe and all I got was this lousy T shirt" with your name printed in indelible ink, on the tag just below the words 'machine washable'. 

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